Bank Jobs

Talking, as I have, about jobs in banks it seems rude to ignore this fiasco.

The MBA types are always wondering how far they can cut costs before service deterioration becomes perceptible, I guess they have the answer now at RBS/Natwest.

I do hope they don’t manage to pin it on an errant spreadsheet.

And I presume (as the UK taxpayers bought RBS last time its management bankers drove it into the ground) , that the results of the enquiry into what caused this will be made public?

I could pretend to be shocked, but really I am shocked it doesn’t happen more often. Its probably some VB3 or COBOL component whose source code is long since gone that has barfed at some dodgy input. Or its that Flame cyberwar virus…

Fair play to the front line staff (and the backroom folks)  that are working early, late and Sundays to try and sort things out.

If you have your overdraft with them I hope you are coping.



[edit I was going to have a pop about offshoring, but deleted it, but having read some of the comments it appears some key IT roles only just left the uk for foreign climes. oops]

5 Responses to “Bank Jobs”

  1. Keith A. Lewis Says:

    Testing, 1, 2, 3…

  2. Keith A. Lewis Says:

    I’ve never been able to get business guys to pay much for Excel stuff. But it can get you a front row seat to find out what their real problems are. Maybe you should be more subversive. My gimmick is to push everything down to platform independent C++ as I go along. The real money to be made is when they decide Excel is too flaky to run their business on. Let’s be honest. That is a real concern for them whether or not that is true.

    Another hurdle is to get past the IT guys that want to rewrite things. If they can just link to a library giving the same numbers the people running the business are already happy with they seem to get in line.

  3. sysmod Says:

    The story to the media is that it was a patch. Unstated, that they did not validate it sufficiently. Who’d be the test or patch manager in a bank given the frequency of updates and zero day exploits?
    They said it was fixed the next day but there’s a backlog. In Ireland, the Ulster Bank is still struggling with the backlog so there’s something short in the contingency or backup systems.

  4. Simon Says:

    The register has lots of comments from (ex) RBS bods that suggests it was the scheduler that went down (bad update), corrupting the overnight run. I guess like most places they have 8 hours of jobs to schedule in a 7 hour window so they will struggle to catch up. seemingly this scheduler management role was offshored quite recently. I wonder how much of a net saving that created, now?
    I do know places that use Excel and VBA as their scheduler!

  5. bank JObs Says:

    Hi simon, There have been several instances when the issues have been due to a vulnerability in the code. I know an interesting case where in the Bank(UK based) had outsourced it’s project to a Indian IT firm. the firm ended in getting sued by the bank because it used a share ware(some s/w that will become a paid stuff after some months) in the development of the application.

    Here the bank had approved the application in Dev, QC and Prod environments. The issue was sorted out of the Court with the bank claiming a hefty amount(ransom!!) from the I.T firm. It is another day in the Bank Jobs industry.

    The bank profited, the I.T company escaped but what about the cutomers whose identity and financial deposits were at risk? Banks do often become careless. the same MBA guys you mentioned finalize S/W projects and they have the least idea of what a bad IT company can do to their reputation.

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