Getting old

Spoke with an agent today – They wanted named referees before they would submit my application to the end client. They wouldn’t tell me who the end client was.

I actually thought about it for a few minutes before it dawned on me it was just a contact fishing trip.

I must be getting old.

Next of all I will be sending my credit card details to Nigeria to help a billionaire dictator escape!

The agent now has a bunch of ‘HR Department’ details.

And I am not holding my breathe for the job offer.



2 Responses to “Getting old”

  1. Marcus from London Says:

    I’ve certainly been there, although this was about 10 years ago. The agent asked for verbal references to proceed which I (bang head on desk) provided.
    I later rang referee if all went well. Exasperated he said he barely survived the 30 minute sales pitch.
    Rule 2: Never (ever) accommodate any request for references unless it is accompanied by a written (subject to) offer.

  2. Hazel Edmunds aka @careersinfo Says:

    Simon, I wish I could help but … you have my sympathy for what use that is.

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