Nearly VBA

I saw this security article about a recent infection.

It was an infected AutoCad template used to send a stack load of technical drawings to its creator for supposed industrial espionage reasons.

The technology it used is partly AutoCad scripting (which I thought is/was VBA?), but mainly plain old VBS run by the Windows Scripting Host.

It could so easily have been an Office related template. But then Excel is mainly used for shopping lists, Access for CD collections, and Powerpoint for manager technobabble, so I guess AutoCad probably is a better target.

Have you seen any sign of Office related malware recently? (I had an Excel VBA virus in 1998 or something, took about 10 minutes to disable and delete.)



One Response to “Nearly VBA”

  1. dougaj4 Says:

    I have never seen any viruses in Office stuff.

    The original Autocad scripting language was Autolisp, then VBA and now Javascript (I think).

    I believe that it still supports all 3. The low cost alternative (Intellicad) now only supports Javascript, so I’m glad i didn’t spend a lot of time writing VBA stuff for it.

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