New book shop

I have been a bit underwhelmed by Amazons price competitiveness for a while. Exacerbated by the sweeping 30% price increase on my pending basket a few months ago.

So now I have found a new book supplier (via Amazon ironically)

Its here the Book Depository.

Its not all peaches and cream but it did work out a good few quid cheaper for my last order. Slight scam though if you buy their books via Amazon they are 2.80 cheaper in the basket. But then they hammer you for postage at the end. On their site they are more expensive with ‘free delivery’. Works out about the same I think. It would be nice to get charged postage once, not per book. Especially if like me you have an insatiable book buying (and sometimes reading) habit.

I got paper ones rather than kindle as the thought of trying to make sense of a technical book on a kindle didn’t appeal. That and the fact Mrs Smurf is still happily using her kindle and hasn’t given it to me yet.

I only just ordered so I could well be back on here in a few days ranting about their crap delivery or summat.

Have you got any recommended book shops?

Or are you one of those ‘read it on-line’ types? (I really prefer working through a book to get to grips with new stuff, on-line is great for specifics and reference etc, but I’m not a fan of reading screens and screens of text. And videos make me drowsy!)



7 Responses to “New book shop”

  1. Andy Schneit Says:

    Still prefer “real” books. I’ve been very successful sourcing technical and business books through my regional public library. If they don’t have a title, they are part of an inter-library system that includes numerous university libraries, and can frequently locate it (all of this done online, BTW).

    I do use reference books online, through access to Books24x7, which has an extensive collection of business and technical books (“technical” for me includes finance,accounting, and software applications).

    I just completed the content for a two day class; by using the library and online sources, I’d estimate that I saved about USD 500.


  2. Mawdo Says:

    I’m almost done reading PED on the kindle. I love it, just sometimes code becomes interesting as line breaks are not lways in the same place so line continuation/comment marks are not correct, but lets face it if you can cope with PED then you should be able to cope with that.

    I like it as I can have a copy on my kindle, phone, work PC & home mac, its searchable whilst still having an index, highlights are easy to get & PED allow you to download the content of the CD rom form the associated website.

    At first it was frustrating not being able to cut and paste code snippets but then you have the code on the download anyway – and you still wouldn’t have been abvle to do that on a paper copy.

    I’ve looked at 2010 Power Programming as well but will probalby go hard copy on that one, as itas the only way to get the contnents of the CD.

  3. Simon Says:

    I love that about the kindle, the syncing and the size/weight. I just bought 6″ of books and I’m already struggling with baggage on flights.

  4. Matt Doar Says:

    I think the Book Depository is owned by Amazon now?

  5. dougaj4 Says:

    I’ve used Book Depository; also Abebooks which has free shopping to Australia. are also good for a local shop; don’t know how competitive they are outside Australia.

    For real second hand books try . Not only can you dial or internet a book, you can also visit a real bookshop and browse great piles of real books and be served by real people. Possibly a bit of a long trip for some of you though.

    Finally for an unbeatable price on pdf’s of out of print books try . If they’ve got it, it’s free.

  6. Simon Says:

    Thanks for that Matt.
    Doug, yep you are right Aus is prob a bit far to peruse a bookshop.
    Bit underwhelmed by the book depository so far. they just dispatched the first book of my order this morning, I hope there are more coming…

  7. Stephen Allen Says:

    Just catching up after hols,

    The Book Depository can be good. I found a copy of my father’s tome personally signed over to another astrophysicist (and friend), whom I had also met briefly, That was a touch of real good fortune.

    On the other hand a manual on playing the cello for aged beginners by an author on the west coast of America, failed to turn up. After 3 months BP cheerlfully told me I could get it from some where else for five times the price, Not impressed.

    Win some lose some.

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