Book Suppository

How fast they fall…

Still no sign of progress on (most of) my book order from the middle of last week.

Looks like my first order was also my last.

Looks like its back to Amazon as the least crap bookshop…



[update: all books in the order were delivered within a week, after a little prod] [so the Book Depository is back on my list of reasonable bookshops]

3 Responses to “Book Suppository”

  1. Tony M Says:

    Might be alright – my order from them didn’t show any sign of movement right up until the point the books landed in my mail box! Strange way to do things nowadays though…

  2. dougaj4 Says:

    Just received my first book from them. Ordered on 30 June, despatch message sent 3 July and arrived in Australia 13 July. Price was $20.00 including shipping; so no complaints from me on any of that.

  3. Simon Says:

    Yep, my books all came through in the end. I think I ordered late on Wed and they arrived the following Tue. I did contact them on the mon tho to understand why most had not moved, shortly after, they were dispatched by courier. Overall I am pleased with the service, would use again.

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