I was chatting with a mate recently…

He owns a garage, one of my other mates works for him.

They both went to the bank to get a mortgage:

Garage Owner – I’m self employed. Bank: ohh…

Garage worker – I’m employed. Bank: hi, come in, sign here.

sums them up really.

[Bank rage week is nearly over here at sos!]

[although I think its just starting at the beeb and the FSA] [and has been on-going for a long time with most customers]



One Response to “Banks”

  1. Marcus from London Says:

    Oh yeah – been on the receiving end of that fork.
    They wanted the last 3 years of financials plus a certified letter from the accountant with their projections for the coming years income.
    Then there was the question of the first born . . .

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