More Ironical Irony

As you may know I am a bit of a rich client fan, and have a pretty low opinion of browser based ‘apps’.

Of course the advantage of a web/server based systems is you can throw any old shite together and call it released. Then roll fixes out hourly, or more frequently, until it finally does enough of what the users want, to get them off your case so you can go back to cv polishing.

When aiming for a richer client experience the deployment and update story is often not quite so easy. So much so that we sometimes make sure things actually do what the user needs before releasing.

The thin client guys have looked down on us ‘legacy’ fat client guys for a long time, with our excessive client side requirements (eg client needs MS Office installed, etc).

S000 … The biggest block to big biz migration to Windows 8?

Excel/VBA apps? no

Access apps? no

VB6 apps? no

Read it and savour the irony.

Not only have your users had to put up with a truly dysfunctional interface with appalling user interaction features, now your crappy browser apps have locked your org into a 13 year old operating system.

Thin client my arse!




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