Well done Yorkshire in London 2012.

Close to top 10 in the country table I think.

That’s what you earn by getting up before you go to bed and eating cold coal (MP ref).

I hope you have all been enjoying it as much as we have here. We have had to re-enact many sports, like…

Badminton: the kids actually play badminton and I stand by with the ladders to get the shuttlecock off the roof

We have also done swimming, diving, sprinting  (could barely walk next day), long jump (struggled to drive home) and loads of others. I tried for sprint spreadsheeting but no one was interested.

funniest so far, one of the kids tried to Anna Mears me on the BMX track. turns out a 20 kilo kids tends to bounce right off an 80 kg adult. Lucky they bounce well at that age, and he beat me the next race (again).

Worst bit: British media coverage, I think the bbc has spent more time in ‘pundit analysis’ (largely vacuous bullshit) than showing actual sporting achievement. Post race interviews were/are generally sickeningly intrusive. BMX was comical, every time they called a time trial fast it was slow and vice versa, literally 100%. Loved Cav and Chris Boardman though

Fave bits so far… anything with Bolt and/or Blake in, Jess Ennis (no pressure!), any GB velodrome action (except the commissars of course), especially Trotty, and Sir Chris (stunning last ride!). Also delighted for Handy Andy to win at Wimbledon. And the C2 slalom boyz. I thought Greg Rutherford was excellent on the field, but truly magnificent with the media.

Hoping for Irish (and GBR)  gold in the boxing, and a BMX medal for Shanaze.

What are your worst and best bits?



One Response to “Olympics”

  1. juux Says:

    Don’t think the coverage has been that bad – try watching NBC if you think the BBC is awful!

    Agreed about Chris Boardman though; insightful, funny and concise. Wish more pundits were like him.

    Denise Lewis is hopeless. She has the demeanour of someone who is trying too hard to come across as in-tell-ig-ent and know-ledge-a-ble.

    I also think Michael Johnson wants to deck John Inverdale after the closing ceremony.

    Mishal Husain, Gary Lineker, Hazel Irvine and Gabby Logan asking each gold medal winner the same 15 questions over and over again is a bit grating.

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