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Amazon paperweight

Friday, 7th September, 2012

Did Amazon really just release a tech product whose name sounds like, and is only a couple of letters away from meaning ‘large pointless brick’?

I guess product names aren’t that important after all then?

I am considering a tablet purchase but I can’t decide whether to go over to the dark side or stick with Android. I think Apple currently has the better ecosystem and better developer story and better apps. but I do hate that trapped feeling that comes with being told ‘No – what you want is not allowed’. Not possible, not commercially viable, I can live with, ‘not allowed’, not so much.

On the other hand I am on the Apple iOS developer program.

I am not sure the paperweight is coming to Blighty, but the 7″ Sammy and  Nexus things look handy enough.

Have you got one? what’s your experience/advice?




New Programming hero

Saturday, 1st September, 2012

This is not suitable for people of a polite disposition who are easily offended,or who work somewhere anally retentive, but…

I found this website (thanks /.) which has a magnificent table mapping various programming/project management buzzwords to their real world meaning. Its here.

I will ask santa for a tee shirt for xmas I think – I’ll let him choose which version.

I totally applaud any effort to highlight the fact that (good) programming is not simple. High quality development is tough, whatever technology and process you are using. Some are tougher than others though.

If you were at the Excel dev conf in Jan you will know my views on project management.  They haven’t changed.