Amazon paperweight

Did Amazon really just release a tech product whose name sounds like, and is only a couple of letters away from meaning ‘large pointless brick’?

I guess product names aren’t that important after all then?

I am considering a tablet purchase but I can’t decide whether to go over to the dark side or stick with Android. I think Apple currently has the better ecosystem and better developer story and better apps. but I do hate that trapped feeling that comes with being told ‘No – what you want is not allowed’. Not possible, not commercially viable, I can live with, ‘not allowed’, not so much.

On the other hand I am on the Apple iOS developer program.

I am not sure the paperweight is coming to Blighty, but the 7″ Sammy and  Nexus things look handy enough.

Have you got one? what’s your experience/advice?




5 Responses to “Amazon paperweight”

  1. juux Says:

    Couldn’t sign up the Apple ecosystem for much the same reasons as you mention. Nice devices, sure, but I’ve no interest in the lifestyle.

    Was waiting for ‘the’ device to appear and when the Nexus 7 was launched I knew that was it. Almost cheap enough to be a impulse buy, Google backing and with commendable spec. ,I bought one about 6 weeks ago and haven’t looked back.

    Kindle Fire looked OK, but has bastardised OS, adverts (!) and lacks key things like GPS. New one even better, and I guess if you use it as a media player then it might just be the better choice – twice as much storage for the same price, HDMI out and has Amazon MP3 baked in compared with Google Music which still isn’t available outside US.

    Given that you can put Kindle app & Amazon Appstore on Nexus, I fail to really see what the Kindle Fire really brings, minor cost saving set aside.

    I also now know that any Android phones I get in future will be Nexus devices, what a difference from OEM/carrier crudware-laden devices!

  2. Arthur Says:

    I just bought a Nexus 7 earlier this week and, much like juux’s comment above, for me it was completely an impulse buy (it cost just under what I’d saved since smoking for 3 weeks ago lol!)

    I’d never been interested in an iPad, not only because of my dislike for the company and their ‘ethics’ but also because I don’t think a tablet of that size serves a useful purpose – it’s too big to be casually portable (you need both hands to use it whereas the Nexus I can comfortably hold in one hand and still use my thumb to scroll etc…) and if you’re only going to be using it at home/in the office why not use a proper computer/laptop/netbook?

    Atm, I’m using it mostly for EverNote/Skitch (helping in my ‘100% paperless’ quest), as an eReader, occasionally for access to CRM and for a browser etc. It’s a beautiful device and I’d recommend it to anyone considering a tablet device =D

  3. Marcus from London Says:

    Hiya Simon,

    I must confess, I struggled with this same issue for well over a year. I had a Win XP netbook which was used for reading, music & email (70/20/10 respectively). To read a variety of file formats (PDF, CHM, djvu, et al). The last thing I wanted was to be ‘locked’ in to a prop ecosystem.

    After playing with the T&S’s iPad I finally succumbed (I got the ‘new’ iPad). Nope, it’s not as laid-back & open as I wanted (still working on that part) but it’s got ‘most’ of what I wanted.

    Contrary to what some iApple zealots have tried to indoctrinate me with, it will NEVER replace my windows machine but it is a well designed, fit for purpose ‘consumption’ device.

    For me the biggest obstacle was the investment of time to find the apps which best met my needs.

    On the downside I feel somewhat disgusted with myself for supporting a company which encourages paying developers SFA-30% for their hard work.

    Cheers – MFL

  4. Simon Says:

    thanks for the input guys.
    well I wont be buying an ad infested amazon paperweight thats for sure:
    For a 10″ tablet I would probably go the apple route, but I think a 7″ one would be more useful to me. If I need a big screen I can just get my lapper out. as none of these are realistically going to replace that.
    I’ll maybe have another sniff around the nexus next week…

  5. excelman Says:

    I went the nexus 7, it’s awesome, but I’ve ordered a kindle paperwhite, for the easier reading experience (reading on the nexus isn’t terrible, but it’s not as nice as an e-ink screen)

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