Rad Dev drinks next tue in Canary Wharf

A few of us Excel/RAD devs are meeting up next Tue (16th Oct) at All Bar One in Canary wharf from 7pm.

You don’t need to be very radical (eg open toed sandals and white socks might be tooo much). Even Delphi devs are welcome (and Access devs… if there are any left). In fact you don’t even need an interest in Excel, VBA, development or RAD, just an interest in drinking is fine.

Its just social drinks, as technical as you can get in the the pub after 10 pints.

Leave a comment or drop me a line if you are up for it. If you want to come along later deffo let me know then I can update you if we move somewhere nice.



14 Responses to “Rad Dev drinks next tue in Canary Wharf”

  1. Hibbert Says:

    Nice one. See you then Simon!

  2. sysmod Says:

    Enjoy! Hope the visit to Canary Wharf is worth it.
    if I was in London I’d love to be there, although I’m less R in the RAD these days ;-)
    Access devs? Lots being called for on jobserve, if you do a search for VBA.

  3. Pob (the other one) Says:

    Sure, I’m working on a contract in town at the moment, up Farringdon way, so I can get there – probably about 6 – 6.30 though, as I might need a starter drink before everyone arrives.

  4. Andy Pope Says:

    Will see you at the bar!

  5. Colin Legg Says:

    Count me in, looking forward to it! :)

  6. spursfan Says:

    I’ll be there, as well

  7. fastexcel Says:

    I am definitely feeling thirst … hope to see you all there

  8. Bob Phillips Says:

    I would love to be there, and although I am in town on Wednesday I cannot do Tuesday. Shame!

  9. Pob Says:

    hmm, guess I should change out of PJs if I intend to get there anytime soon :-)

  10. darren chapman Says:

    Hi Simon. I’m on route but running a little late. Please text me if you move on. Cheers.

  11. darren chapman Says:

    Hiya, just a quick note to say thanks for organising this. I had a great night and met some great people.

  12. spursfan Says:

    For anybody wishing to learn VBA (no names, no pack drill!) this is well worth buying


  13. Hitesh Says:

    By the way, thanks for arranging drinks. It was definitely a great night out! Hick!

  14. Darren chapman Says:

    Hey Phil. Great link btw – there’s only one left in stock… soon to be zero. When my boss hands over her company CC! hope you are keeping well.
    When is the next gathering?

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