2013 Excel Developer conference London January 2013

Just in case you missed it in the earlier post we are going to run another developer conference this coming January.

I have already had a tonne of great suggestions for topics but am open to others. so please email me ideas for topics you would like to see and or presenters you would like to see. And what freebies we should do.

The current early suggestions draft line up is looking like some serious hard core performance stuff:

  1. Excel 2013
  2. Agaves and new dev features
  3. powerpivot & BI
  4. flashfill and new presentation features
  5. speed tools architecture
  6. Rad excel development – how to actually run an excel dev project
  7. Ultra performance – Excel on compute clusters
  8. Trading forex (retail) from Excel
  9. Excel services, what? when? why?

These are all just suggestions, if there is something you do or don’t want to hear about let me know

We will probably aim for a midweek day towards the end of Jan, one long day, pub before and after, and at dinner. Probably the same venue as last time, same target size (20-40 people).

Any thoughts suggestions or observations welcome



9 Responses to “2013 Excel Developer conference London January 2013”

  1. jon Says:

    You think you might record it this year?

  2. Simon Says:

    I thought I might record it last year…
    To be honest I doubt I will record anything or edit any recordings, but if someone wants to volunteer to come and film it and edit 9 hours+ of video, then let me know.

    I am thinking of getting someone in to do 5 mins boxercise or something between slots though.

  3. Colin Legg Says:

    Hi Simon,

    I like suggestions 5 – 8 and I’m particularly interested in 6. I’ll definitely do my best to attend.

  4. aardvark1234 Says:

    Hi Simon,

    Are these conferences for you pros only or can a self-taught enthusiast also attend?


  5. ross Says:

    Of course anyone can attend, your more than welcome.

  6. Gizmo Says:

    Def interested Simon,
    Learnt from the previous conferences that even if you don’t get the whole session there are still golden nuggets to be had.
    3, 6 & 7 look interesting esp as currently in a BI project and moving to 2010.
    Do you know when will dates and costs be published?

  7. jp Says:


    Sounds good .. do you have any more information about trading FX segment?


  8. Paul Christie Says:

    Dare I suggest this as a conference freebie http://www.find-me-a-gift.co.uk/gifts/i-love-spreadsheets-mug.html?gclid=CPPH4LrngLQCFe7MtAodLQkAvw#utm_source=froogle&utm_medium=free&utm_term=I+Love+Spreadsheets+Mug

  9. Darren Chapman Says:

    Hi Simon – Happy New Year. I’m up for it, and look forward to seeing you guys again. Cheers

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