2012 predictions coming home to roost

They did it!
Googles market cap passed Microsoft, dunno exactly when but when I just looked G =227b MS = 225b

big tick for me… prediction numero uno comes in with a bang with weeks to spare.

see here


(I’m not sure I mentioned closing above, so I’m counting it even if there is a huuge retracement before the close.)

btw the conf is still on although I have been even slacker than usual replying and posting. I am currently trying to sort it for the first Thursday in Feb (7th).
might not make much progress in the next week or two as I am somewhat snowed under (not literally sadly – soon though, soon.).

I hope you all have plenty of Christmas dinners lined up. I have.



2 Responses to “2012 predictions coming home to roost”

  1. tykebhoy Says:

    You were sort of right on office 15. It is out this year but they haven’t skipped 2013 because bizarrely it is Office 2013. Let’s hope the Mayans got their calendar as wrong ;)

  2. xlrocks Says:

    I would like to have an excuse for going to London soon .)
    Have I missed where you announce 2013 conference?
    Had such a nice time last year /Rickard

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