Apple v Google

Santa was very generous at Smurf towers this year. Especially considering how some people hadn’t really delivered on their blog updates and conference organising commitments.

I got a Nexus 7 tablet and a ipod touch. In that order.


The Nexus 7 was the worst unboxing set up experience of my young geek life. That thing is infested with Google spyware and intrustive ads. horrible. and technically impossible to use due to retarded set up requirements. (you need to go on line to set it up, but it wouldn’t let me set up a functioning internet connection with the hotel wifi. totally shit. You can’t move files on and off it via USB (in Linux). Maybe you can now several months on with some faff, but really that stuff should work out of the box. and it just did not. at all.

Google forced me to set up a new user ID whose credentials I promptly forgot. They now want me to pay them to retrieve them. Seriously. I have to pay for a password reset? Foook off.

So when Google are bragging about how Google+ has passed 1% of facebooks popularity and swiftly heading for 1.1%, bear in mind 90% of those accounts are probably zombie accounts that no one can access. Raahbish.

I used it for a few hours then I put it away and now it just weighs my bag down. It must be close to 2 months since I turned the thing on. total waste of money, not to mention the scamful cover farce with the PCWorld sharks (Yes I was so desperate to own this revolutionary piece of tech I bought from PCW!). 10 quid discount on the cover, oh, but its by internet rebate. no sorry forgot to mention there is a 3 page form to fill in. Serves me right, but lesson learned.

Compare and contrast with my iplop touche…

Great set up, limited spam, same games my kids play (their high scores tend to be min 10x mine!) and Facetime. Pur-lease – this is truly the killer app here, and all tucked away in Apples walled garden.

Our whole family is facetiming all our family and friends. Also since a few high profile kid/credit card haemorrhages its now quite simples to set up an Apple account without registering a credit card.

In retrospect I think there is a lot of sense in buying hardware from a hardware company that know what they are. If you buy from an ad pimp they are always going to be scouring through your most personal activities looking for the opportunity  to sell you Excel consultancy services!

I notice Google won’t even search properly any more unless you are logged in so they can record your every move. They are now a truly creepy company. I know they bypassed Msft’s market cap in 2012 (as predicted) but they are getting a little too crap and too heavy handed for my liking, as well as creepy and intrusive.

I know lots of people are waiting for Apple to founder, and iPhone 5 seemed to be pretty close, but whilst they have a huge stock of mini fanbois on ipod touches desperate for iPhones I think they are fairly safe.

Unlike Blackerry. My BB Bold has been the most unreliable phone I have ever owned (and I had one of those truly shitty motorola droids), everytime I unlock the screen its hit or miss if the thing is alive. I have even been contemplating replacing it with an iPhone! imagine that!!

I could probably sell or palm off my nexus, iplop and BB and scrape together enough to buy an old secondhand not too battered iPhone. Or not.

So in summary:

Google: creepy crap, Blackberry: unreliable crap, Apple: actually quite expensively good at the mo.

Have you enjoyed or endured any tech updates recently?



the only spreadsheet angle here would be the fact that if any of this tech has a spreadsheet app, I haven’t tried it, or felt the need to. Anyone thinking of implementing newly draconian office app licensing might want to think about that…

11 Responses to “Apple v Google”

  1. John Nevill Says:

    What you consider creepy, many consider helpful. Your searches, email history, and location are used so that Google Now can offer you up information that you want when you need. Want to know when those anal beads you ordered from Amazon will show up? It will be in Google Now. Want to know how long it will take to get to the Adult Bookstore you searched on your desktop earlier? Google Now will tell you, and offer you directions with one-click. Want to know who won last night’s game that you couldn’t watch cause Google suggested you should check out the Amazing Fisters that were in town, Google Now will tell you.

    Some might consider that creepy.. others find it helpful.

    p.s. I wrote this to be funny

    p.p.s. However, I don’t flatter myself into thinking that anyone gives a rats ass about what I am searching for.

    p.p.p.s. You just looked up Amazing Fisters and now that is in your Google Search History. Your welcome.

    p.p.p.p.s. For the love of god, don’t let that beautiful device go to waste. Sell it on ebay or give it to me so it can go to someone that will use it and appreciate it.

  2. Bob Phillips Says:

    Bill Benson has reported on Listserv regarding his experience with the Lenovo Yoga, and he concluded it was just too problemmatical to bother with. He was lucky Best Buy also thought it was too flawed, stopped stocking it, and gave him a full refund.

  3. juux Says:

    Interesting. My experience is almost the polar opposite of yours, Simon.

    Setting up my Nexus (using, critically, my own wifi and existing Google account) was a painless experience that lasted all of 3 minutes.

    The second one I bought (for my son) was even quicker.

    In contrast, after three years of Android phones I decided to go with an iPhone 5 last year and this has been a real eye-opener as it has consistently failed to deliver the slick and painless experience I was expecting.

    In no particular order, I’ve had to endure:

    A forced reset in the first week of ownership
    An unannounced and compulsory switch of Apple ID halfway through the iOS 6.1 upgrade which almost broke the thing and would probably have been fine if it wasn’t for the fact that the Apple ID site refused to recognise my login details (“You have entered the incorrect date of birth” etc. – really?!)
    Lack of assumed functionality (wifi sniffing, my fault for not checking before buying I guess!)
    A somehow fractured media storage and backup (related, I’m told, to my old Apple ID and the iOS 6.1 upgrade, and meaning I am now being bombarded with prompts to buy more cloud storage)
    Poor integration of the mail, calendar and contacts due to obstinance between Apple & Google (mostly Apple, from what I can see, who have a real problem with open standards)

    I expect the difference comes from the fact that suppose I am, fundamentally, a Google bitch as opposed to an Apple bitch.

    My existing Google account allowed seamless setup on the Nexus (as did your Apple ID on the iPod), but I really struggled when I wasn’t bought-in to the Apple ecosystem (as did you on the Android device).

    The iPhone will be my last; yes, the apps are nicer (but Android doesn’t lag too far behind nowadays, and in certain areas the freedom given to devs allows far more functionality, see wifi sniffing etc.), but beautiful hardware and a liberal dose of Helvetica doesn’t quite paper over a creaking and increasingly illogical OS (yeah, I went there).

  4. juux Says:

    Forgot to add that the ‘creepy’ aspect is IMHO very handy and you’re a bit naive if you think Apple have any less information on you from using their products.

    I have instant and full syncing between multiple PCs, laptops and the Nexus 7 (and my Android phone, if I still had one *winces*). Not just the obvious stuff like contacts and bookmarks, but the hidden stuff like search history, stored passwords, saved map locations, open tabs and custom dictionaries.

    I expect a ‘full-on Apple’ person has much the same functionality. I guess the problem comes from trying to straddle the two ecosystems.

    Of course, as far as privacy is concerned, being Android if this stuff bothers anyone they can always install a custom ROM with all the snooping stuff ripped out…

  5. mikewoodhouse Says:

    Another “Google bitch” here, I’m, afraid. Nexus 7 was the easiest-installing device I’ve ever had, largely because (a) I already had an Android phone and (b) I bought it direct from Google (crazily, it was ordered immediately at launch and delivered inside a week – Microsoft take note) so, like my Kindle, it knew who I was before I opened the box. Still waiting for iPlayer to be able to download programs for watching away from WiFi though…

  6. Arthur Says:

    Yeah – perhaps things have changed since initial release but in the past few months it and I have become virtually inseparable (especially with the Evernote app…). My set up was accomplished sitting on the bus before I left the shop’s wifi range lol.

    Getting files on/off the device is fairly simple too, either using a file manager app, Windows file manager at work or (I agree it’s not as straightforward) at home on Ubuntu I use AirDroid – In fact the ability to easily get my data off the device was a main reason for going with it (along side the price of course) after many hours struggling to get a music collection off my old iPod.

    And finally, I am getting ever more cautious about how much data Google takes from me but I guess most of my usage is something I’m not bothered about hiding and if it is I’ll go incognito or if I’m feeling particularly paranoid I’ll go DuckDuckGo =D

  7. Neal O Says:

    Apple bitch here. Been using iPhone for over 4 years now, never owned a droid so can’t compare. Before that it was Windows Phones. Must say iPhone 5 which I upgraded to from a 3GS is the best Gadget I have been fortunate enough to own hands down bar none. It just works, is fast, device feels wonderful and has an amazing battery life.

    I may have been fortunate but I have never experienced any intrusive spying type behaviour from Apple – and let’s face it you cam’t get away from Google spying unless you stop using most of their software products.

    I for one am happy to trade an ‘open’ system in my home computing for one that seems relativly malware free and generally works increadibly reliably.

    Interesting post Simon.

    • John Nevill Says:

      I think it is a mistake to assume that when you are asked to sign into a device or OS or any software that it is “Spying” on you. It is collecting data on you to help you. It’s aggregating what you do on the device/os/software so that you can see everything in one place. Google does this as does Apple. Apple knows what apps you have installed, it stored your data in it’s “iCloud” and, I’m guessing, it probably stores what you do with Siri so it can make Siri work better for you. The only thing that is different is your perception.

  8. ross Says:

    Surprised by this, I have never had anything but good news with google set ups on any of the devices I have used it on. It’s not perfect, but compared to setting up and messing around with apple accounts, id rather pluck my eyes out.

    I suspect, in truth both are converging.

    still, whos buying ipods in 2013!

  9. Simon Says:

    It depends on use and expectations of course. I assumed the nexus would move files like my android phone does. it didnt. I know apple stuff is useless at all forms of interoperability so I havent even tried. the iplop is for facetime I have a proper MP3 player that you can delete tracks off without a tompooter.
    btw my main phone is an android, (HTC), I’ve been happy enough with that. i wouldn’t buy any other hardware off Google tho.

  10. Ross Says:

    yeah, in fairness, I have heard a lot of other people say that Google HW is a bit pants….

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