Excel VBA tutor

Someone emailed me looking for an Excel VBA tutor in the London area.
Anyone know anyone?

5 Responses to “Excel VBA tutor”

  1. Marcus from London Says:

    Hi Simon,

    It’s been some years since I did corporate training (including VBA) myself, but I don’t know anyone personally that I could recommend.

    I wouldn’t even suggest just picking a training company in London without personal reference as so much comes down to the dynamics between the instructor and the pupil(s). (i.e. a course is not a course is not a course).

    Without knowing anything of their background, needs, learning style and existing skills had your ‘someone’ considered cracking open a book. I literally started off with the step-by-step series, albeit a MUCH earlier edition:


    As their skills/knowledge increases they can progress to more meaty materials.

    All the best –

  2. darren chapman Says:

    http://www.chandoo.org AWESOME!!!

  3. Simon Says:

    Thanks guys

  4. Ross Says:

    has Chandoo moved to London

  5. David Says:

    Simon, did you ever find someone for this? And what level of tutoring (one-on-one or group btw) were they looking for?

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