In from the cold


So after a few months out I am back.

The cycle is fairly well established now – I do a contract, get frustrated, take a break, start looking for the next contract.

What is the frustration?

  • If I work in an IT department its their complete determination to do anything except deliver working software to the people who need it (and pay for it)
  • If I work in a business role its a. much less frustrating, b. more rewarding, c. bit of a niggle about not getting access to the best tools for the job.

Most recent contracts have been in IT departments.

I have had a great break over the summer, have been doing some teaching at a local college, but now its time to start the long painful search for a new contract.

The process was never fun, but gets even less funner every time. Clients with unrealistic skill set expectations (30 years .net 4.5, 100 years excel 2013 and 50 years Linux kernel debugging etc), and crashing pay rates (seem to be 60% of last year, which was 80% of the year before). Agents with even less knowledge of the business, the market or even IT. Too many alarm words: “prince2”, “visio”, even seen “waterfall” a few times last week!

The death of Excel as a client side target and the rise of its pale and pathetic arch-nemesis the browser, and all the the bullshit time wasting that represents. But having devs write thousands of lines of javascript to replicate 1 click actions in Excel sure cuts down the spreadsheet error rate.

So anyway I am brushing up my JQuery and Ajax skillz ready to bluff my way into that Useful Spreaddie to Pointless Web App migration project coming to a company near you soon. :-)



3 Responses to “In from the cold”

  1. Autosoft Says:

    Hi Simon,

    I am lucky in that I am still able to use Excel as a front end for my applications. Too bad you are finding otherwise.

    Joe Serd

    “Once you know it, it’s Easy!”

  2. fastexcel Says:

    I would suggest getting skilled up on BI (PowerPivot, DAX, PowerView, PowerQuery, PowerMap etc): there is Excel mileage there.
    Or Sharepoint (but not sure I personally would want to go there).

  3. Simon Says:

    I like BI, but I think I like programming more.
    I’ve done a lot of SSAS MDX and Essbase, but the roles I see seem to favour a big data/cluster background, and they are not that common.
    I have considered Sharepoint, sadly, as I have done a few sites and web parts in the past. I really want to stay in or near the business rather than disappear into some IT backwater. Risk, financial analysis or (quant) trading preferably, or margetting obviously.

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