Some poor Fin Servs company in Zürich has been searching for a Silverlight developer for weeks now. 

That’s some ex-devs’ CV polishing hobby horse turning to bite them on the arse. The dev has probably moved on and is now doing this weeks flavour of the month tech (MVVM?), leaving the client dependent on this dead tech that no one wants to touch.

That said, I chucked my CV in for a VB6 job today, first one I have seen in a long time ( a decade???). Also a tech no self respecting modern .net clicker would want to touch… I still would though, at least VB6 had a point, more than can be said for SilverShight.

I’m still waiting for VSTO to go the same way, but at this stage I am beginning to wonder if MS are genuinely committed to it. I doubted it for a long time, but its there in VS2013, and they don’t have many other options, apart from the obvious helping to extend and improve ExcelDNA. Or buying Add-in Express. (jobserve still doesn’t recognise VSTO and changes it to VSTS, that’s better than Vista which it used to do).

Any of you seeing much client demand for VSTO?






4 Responses to “Silverlight”

  1. methodsinexcel Says:

    Any jobs for VSTA?!?!?! That puppy died the day they complied it.

    I don’t think MS want anyone writing anything for office any more.

  2. Simon Says:

    Office is the least of their worries!
    Or did you not notice that Vista 2.0 (windoze 8) singlehandedly destroyed the pc market? There aren’t ANY desirable devices running any MS software any more, anywhere.

  3. Simon Says:

    Just saw this in the search engine terms to get here:
    “silverlight to excel vba”
    Sorry to that person for not providing any actual useful info, but good luck with what sounds like a rational approach.

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