Quant jobs

Where have they all gone?

A couple of years ago Excel + VBA + C++ and a bit of maths and the world was your oyster.

Last year it was all HFT which is just nerd tastic engineering stuff.

This year it has been mainly risk and regulatory control.

Are there Quants any more? what tech are they using? how many mid and back office people are they carrying?

I keep wondering about doing a masters in financial chicanery, but I think that boat has sailed. Probably safer going back to furniture making.

Is the all the quant stuff really only done in Matlab, R or SAS now?



3 Responses to “Quant jobs”

  1. Patrick O'Beirne, spreadsheet auditor Says:

    Connect with Dominic Connor of Wilmott and ask him?

  2. Simon Says:

    It’s not that desperate.

  3. kalx Says:

    Wry, as ever. You are right. Big Banks are starting to realize quants do not add to their bottom line in the current environment. Hedge funds are a better bet, but math finance programs are behind the times in teaching the skills they are after.
    Been seeing a lot of C++ jobs lately.

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