Job Hunt 2014

I am still keeping half an eye out for an interesting contract. I didn’t bother over the hols because I drank and ate too much instead. Barely even turned my lapper on in fact.

I am now back perusing Jobserve from time to time. Its unfortunate that they can’t remember my search terms properly. But its very unfortunate that you can’t exclude certain agencies from search results. There are a couple I won’t have anything to do with, and it would be nice not to have my results polluted with their fake jobs, misleading descriptions and dodgy terms and conditions. Not to mention all the locum GP jobs my search for Excel or VBA or C# seems to throw up.

Then again, there aren’t that many results to search through…



2 Responses to “Job Hunt 2014”

  1. juuxjuux Says:

    Nice to see you back posting recently, Simon.

    After a few years away from the Excel/VBA lark I’m in the market for a new job and am probably perusing the same job ads. Without any specific ‘working in a bank in The City’ experience though it seems I may not be as marketable as I thought.

    Any tips for getting a foot in the door?

  2. Simon Says:

    As you’ve noticed Excel/VBA is not especially marketable at the moment (at least to IT depts). Probably better to go in via a business discipline/agency if possible.
    I don’t see any quick win complementary technologies you could study at home. Access is more dead than Excel. All Web techs are in fashion, so might be worth a look.
    Get your CV in the systems of all the main agencies that cover your skill set, and be prepared for a crap rate. (just seen a role on half what I was on a while ago, for a very similar job – at the same client).

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