Apple v Microsoft again

Both Apple and Microsoft now make portable computing devices without keyboards, sometime called iPads or fake iPads.

Its Christmas (ish), both companies are trying to encourage sales (I think!!)

Apple have a lovely ad with cool music, lots of beautiful people (like our ExcelDevCon attendees:

rachdevconfvsml). Lots of narrow depth of field, cool lifestyle type shots. All in all quite aspirational.

Microsoft have got some unattractive grey bloke sitting in a grey office banging on about MS Office.

The contrast couldn’t be sharper.

Now I love MS Office – I’ve made a living from it since before the internet, but I don’t think its going to be the defining factor in Christmas tablet sales. Longer term, for IT departments, maybe, but for consumers for Xmas? no.

I really think MS need to sack off their advertising agency, and most of their margeting department and get some folks who know what they are doing. Like this guy, he could fix their image issues, probably.

Or at least they should sponsor my extreme spreadsheeting series.

Do you think Microsoft has an image problem?



2 Responses to “Apple v Microsoft again”

  1. Paul Christie Says:

    And then there is is the Nokia option!? I bought a Nokia 2520 as Christmas present to self. This perhaps is a bit of a ‘to be or not to be’ in terms of how close you think Nokia and Microsoft are. I had handled a Surface and preferred the weight and feel of the 2520. It comes with Office 2013 standard. I also got a £25 Microsoft store voucher with it and I’ve downloaded a couple of apps that enable using Excel and Word in the new interface although the Table functions of Excel don’t work in anything other than full Excel.

  2. Biggus Dickus Says:

    You just like that picture you bad boy :-) ….

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