Googles per hour.

My new proposal for estimating developer toolset proficiency.

In Excel/VBA mine is pretty close to nack all these days, I spend more time on codematic trying to unforget stuff I once knew. C# is a bit higher as I always like to check if things have changed since the last time I opened VS.

In my more recent dabbling tools (Eclispe and xcode) I have a google window open all the time, and use it all the time too.


Excel/VBA 0.1 gph (roughly 1 a day)

C# 0.5 gph (1 every couple of hours)

xcode 10 gph (the rountrip time it take to find, copy a line and change the variables to the ones I am using). It might reach even higher if I start getting better search hits.

what about you?



2 Responses to “GPH”

  1. jeffrey Weir Says:

    Is a hight gph good or bad? Does it indicate inexperience, or a willingness to avoid reinventing the wheel and instead grab great production functions from say Chip Pearson’s website or see how a VBA Superstar would approach something?

  2. bjoernstiel Says:

    I’m getting the impression that my gph is actually auto-correlated. as in: 1. err, how did that work again? 2. google 3. copy & paste 4. don’t really care to look at it in depth 5. come across the same thing again a couple of weeks later 6. back to step 1.
    Will try to measure and quantify it when I get time…

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