Jobs to Avoid

Just saw an Excel dev job to consolidate a bunch of templates, easy enough, I’m sure lots of us have done it a millions times. The trouble is this was a 1 week contract, thats right 5 days! To understand the current 40 odd spreadsheets in the system, create a consolidation system, and presumably test it…

I would *test* something like that for more than 5 days, even after building it carefully and testing as I went along.

Reminds me of an irresistible job offer I had a while ago. The end client said ‘To be honest, you are here to take the blame when it goes wrong. We only have 2 weeks, we can’t do it in that time. So you will carry the can when we fail!’. I appreciated his honesty and was still up for the job until the agency started messing me around on rate. In the end I blew them out as they were squabbling over a few euros per day on something that had a client charge out rate in the thousands.

I can’t help thinking this is a similar set up…

stay safe…



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