Competitive rate

Why put this on the ad if it isn’t?

Do you really think you are going to trick us into accepting a crap paying job by telling us its competitive??

There has been a bit of a buzz the last couple of days about an apparently interesting job advertised. One of my buddies put me onto it so I applied. noting the ‘competitive rate’.

The agent was cagey when he phoned, wouldn’t say what the budget was, asked what I wanted etc – the usual shizzle. Eventually he fessed up – the client is a consultancy and known for paying low rates!

Why waste everyones time then?? dipshit.

Just put ‘crap paying job for desperate developer or substandard one’. You might drop lucky and find someone who can’t calculate day rate – accom – travel = 0 or less, but is still a great financial systems developer.

I notice it is now out with loads of agencies – a clear sign of desperation. The poor consultancy may have to give up some of their 200% margin to the actual worker. Unless they can find a local with the right experience and a low cost base.

These consultancies are weaselling in all over the market and charging a fortune for nothing (well maybe sue-ability). They take from both sides and provide nothing as far as I can tell. Unless you know different?




2 Responses to “Competitive rate”

  1. Paul Christie Says:

    I’ve just seen one with the rate advertised as £450.00 – £650.00 per annum
    I also noticed the one you quoted in ‘Jobs to avoid’ is being advertised and looking like an exercise in micro management.

  2. Biggus Dickus Says:

    To me the problem is multi-faceted:

    1. To really be good at a specific technology a person has to do it “professionally” – be a “specialist”.
    2. Corporations can’t or won’t carry people who they let specialize
    3. So the specialist ends up on the outside as an independent
    4. Then Corporations use middle-men exclusively to source outside specialists as they need them because they have outsourced that job like everything else.
    5. The middle-men have expectations of profit combined with Corporations devaluing this kind of work to less and less so that the only thing that can give is the rate paid to the specialists – who are the only ones who provide “value” in this whole process
    6. This leads to an environment where the only people willing and able to justify being “specialists” (with all the risk that companies like Microsoft will suddenly decide that their technology will be dropped for reasons that make no sense), are single men living in their parents’ basement ;-) ..

    Not a good picture. And it appears as if there’s nothing we can do about it except accept poverty wages for a professional career or get out.

    It’s sorta like they’re draining the swamp and then they’re going to wake up one day and realize how they actually needed what that swamp provided to the overall ecosystem of their businesses but it’ll be too late. There’ll be no one left.

    Smart …


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