Infopap re-envisioned

MS have announced that infopath will soon be pining for the fjords.

I always found infopath as the perfect demonstrations of how MS have no clue how most people actually use their software.

I have never actually met anyone outside Microsoft (or Contoso :-)) that has ever used it.

I read an interesting article recently about keyboards. Hopefully we all know that the current ones really aren’t very good, and for example Dvorak layout is more efficient. Anyway the article was a plea to people to stop developing new and novel keyboards and focus on making the current ones as good as they can be. The argument being that although they are poor at least they are consistent. New designs and layouts just cause cognitive friction because people always end up using more than one. (eg at work and at home)

(I use about 5 mildly different layouts which really is a pain in the arse. Worse one of my phones is qwerty and one is qwertz.)

Microsoft would do well (under its ‘new’ leadership) to optimise the way people actually use their products rather than trying to dictate their (mostly wrong) view of the best way.

I assume they will continue to recruit inexperienced graduates and lock them in airless rooms in ivory towers to imaginate new ways of doing stuff instead of rebuilding their ties with actual real world user communities. These were the ties Ballmer destroyed. The people who had already found the better workaround for product limitations.

I’m expecting more pointless products rather than a new round of MSDN roadshows!

Are you a big infopath user?

what do you use it for?



2 Responses to “Infopap re-envisioned”

  1. Biggus Dickus Says:

    Obviously no one even knows what InfoPath is/was :-) …. I remember being at a meeting in Redmond over ten years ago when InfoPath was to be shown (while it was still code-named something like ActiveDocs (but not Activedocs, just some name like that). I was standing getting a coffee and talking to the then VP responsible for all of Office (who is retired now) and I said “I want to find out what this thing is for and he said “So do I ” with a sardonic grin…. I predicted this from day one and am pissed that it took some air out of Access while it was out there. I am equally disappointed by the presence of “LightSwitch” for the same reason and expect a similar announcement there only sooner.

    But the damage has been done and I assume the next announcement will be the retirement of Access .. Then what ?

    “Microsoft would do well (under its ‘new’ leadership) to optimise the way people actually use their products rather than trying to dictate their (mostly wrong) view of the best way.”

    Agree totally … but I’m not holding my breath on that ….unfortunately.

  2. jeffrey Weir Says:

    InfoPath user, no. Dvorak keyboard user, yes. I’m blazingly fast on my own PC that remaps the QUERTY to Dvorak. I’m embarressingly slow on anyone elses, to the point that it looks like the excel ninja who is atempting to help them out has never actually used a computer.

    Although when I explain this is because I use a more ‘efficient’ layout it does add to my geek mystique considerably.

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