Smurf Off Spreadsheets

Just a quick update after these last few months of neglect…

I haven’t been doing much spreadsheeting recently.

My last role was as an Access developer, which actually made a nice change. There are lots of good things about Access, a few weird things and some proper daft stuff.

It easy to forget after years of other front ends that in Access you can point a wizard at a table and have a form with full CRUD functionality in a couple of clicks.

My next role is just being finalised but is not looking like a spreadsheeting one either. This isn’t a conscious choice on my part, more just following the market.

There are still a few worthwhile Excel roles out there, but not many. My search terms wouldn’t pick up Calc or Google docs jobs so maybe I am missing out on a mass migration… But most likely professional spreadsheet development is out of fashion.

In fact a lot of development seems out of fashion, everyone seems to want managers, not developers. Makes one wonder who/what these hordes of managers are managing? (no one ever advertises for an outsourced/offshore dev team manager…)



4 Responses to “Smurf Off Spreadsheets”

  1. bjoernstiel Says:

    Maybe managers, uhm, managing managers? ;-)

    You are raising an interesting point. Professional spreadsheet development seem to be out of fashion indeed. I do wonder though why that is. Is the spreadsheet hell being replaced with cool nodejs/HTML5/Angular based web apps? Funny thing is that I use quite a few cloud services myself and in the end there’s always that export to/import from Excel thingy…

  2. Biggus Dickus Says:

    “It easy to forget after years of other front ends that in Access you can point a wizard at a table and have a form with full CRUD functionality in a couple of clicks.”

    What a ridiculously ancient concept … No ….. We want you to spent hours doing the simplest of things .. Oh and then how is that going to priced?

    Either the client will have to spend 10 times more or the developer will have to make 10 times less (and God help you if you need to make a change !!)….

    Either clients will just say “screw it” and keep using crappy user-developed spreadsheets and on the other hand no one will stay in the dev business – except people living in mud huts with an internet connection.

    Watching this play out is like watching a plane crash in slow motion .. And like a plane crash it will be final. It’s getting to the point where they will simply not be able to turn back.

  3. Dennis M Wallentin Says:

    Long time no comments. I left the spreadsheet toolbox last year. I haven’t had any regrets on it.

    It’s nice to go outside the Microsoft eco system and learn new stuff with no-Microsoft Tools.

    My present interest and focus is Xamarin for iOS and Android development. I do Android development as I have no access to iOS.

    Take care and good luck with Your business.

  4. Simon Says:

    Hi Dennis
    I think Android is a good choice, that said I was doing raw C the other day which I love…

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