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Will I Pimp Your Shizzle?

Sunday, 28th June, 2015


I currently get several categories of email:

  1. You a due in court, here is your virus laden summons pdf.
  2. Your account is overdue here is your virus laden account xls or pdf
  3. Can I be your fuck buddy?, with a link I sure as shit don’t want to visit
  4. Hi,  please will you promote our product or service to SOS readers

and I occasionally get a useful message.

1,2 and 3 I delete and curse my crap anti spam filterage

4, I ignore. why? writing to me doesn’t confer the right of a reply, its what you write about that may get you a reply.

Have you actually reviewed the content here and checked your product or service is relevant. Not just any old Spreadsheet stuff, but it needs to be relevant to advanced developers. How to write a VLookup is about as much use here as the virus laden court summons.

Will I pimp your stuff here? are you making money? how much? what’s my cut? per click, month, sale or what?  But whatever, if you need to ask, the answer is no.

I never set out to make SOS directly commercial, I don’t show any ads here (WordPress might, but I don’t and I have never made a penny from this blog, directly at least).

I set up SOS to create a place for advanced developers to talk about complex issues away from the noise of how to open/save files etc. Along the way I have highlighted some excellent tools that I have found personally very useful, ExcelDNA and XLL plus are two that spring to mind.

And of course I’m not really investing much time here now…



Quick Update

Friday, 26th June, 2015

Hi, I’m still here.

Just in the process of finishing up my Essbase/Oracle Exalytics project and planning my summer hols.

I had to edit a file list routine in and Java from top level only to include all sub directories.

in Java (6) I had to restructure a ton of code and make it recursive, with guards etc and lots of testing.

In vb : Directory.GetFiles(directory, “*”, AllDirectories)

I know Java 8 has the same, but this is .net CLR 2.0 from the 1950’s

Anyway the difference made me smirk.

In terms of SOS I think things are going to get quiet to silent here as I really don’t see much spreadsheeting in my future (I have just applied for an Access role so never say never). I might refocus on more general software dev stuff or I might just sack it off – we’ll see how the time goes. I hope you are all doing well, doing the stuff you enjoy with the tools you like.

(I still prefer java to vb.)