Quick Update

Hi, I’m still here.

Just in the process of finishing up my Essbase/Oracle Exalytics project and planning my summer hols.

I had to edit a file list routine in vb.net and Java from top level only to include all sub directories.

in Java (6) I had to restructure a ton of code and make it recursive, with guards etc and lots of testing.

In vb : Directory.GetFiles(directory, “*”, AllDirectories)

I know Java 8 has the same, but this is .net CLR 2.0 from the 1950’s

Anyway the difference made me smirk.

In terms of SOS I think things are going to get quiet to silent here as I really don’t see much spreadsheeting in my future (I have just applied for an Access role so never say never). I might refocus on more general software dev stuff or I might just sack it off – we’ll see how the time goes. I hope you are all doing well, doing the stuff you enjoy with the tools you like.

(I still prefer java to vb.)



2 Responses to “Quick Update”

  1. Jon Nyman Says:

    I’m doing node.js development now. I really enjoyed doing vba (I only had a single contract for it). Great for doing rapid development for possible real products in the future. Too bad the market is disappearing for it!

    Hope you’re able to find employment that you enjoy!

  2. dougaj4 Says:

    Hi Simon,

    Welcome back and possibly farewell.

    FWIW, should you decide to morph into Smurf on Software, I’d be an interested reader.

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