Excel Conference in Amsterdam

I just saw this (on linkedin of all places – I only go there twice a year).

Dunno much about it, except its being run by a gang of well known Excel experts so should be very excellent.

I won’t be going as Excel is basically dead to me these days.

If you are going, have fun.





4 Responses to “Excel Conference in Amsterdam”

  1. Paul Christie Says:


    There is also this one https://excelsummitsouth.wordpress.com/2015/10/22/61/ in Australia and New Zealand. I’m trying to get to the Melbourne one because I’ve got family there.

    I’m still managing to make a living out of Excel/Access but don’t get me in a conversation on the quality of some of what I’m working with if I’ve got a pint of beer in my hand.

    Paul Christie

  2. David Wilkinson Says:


    Is there really no Excel work, even specialist work around?

    Parallel with my day job, I have gradually been learning more and more about all aspects of Excel, including dll’s, xll’s and Com add-ins. It’s taken a long time and I have pored over, what I believe is your old website: Codematic, and others, slowly accumulating the required knowledge.

    It seems to that this technology is still useful, but I wonder because of the lack of training materials available (apart from the Dalton sleep inducing volumes and the MS Excel SDK books) is that one of the reasons why it is not so popular anymore?

    Anyway thanks for Codematic, if that is yours. It’s a pity I got into this after what appears to have been the ‘Golden’ years… I still find it interesting.

    Best regards
    David Wilkinson UK

  3. Simon Says:

    Hi David
    Yep Codematic is mine, glad you found it useful.
    It is a sad fact that even though this technology is brilliant, and still could be very useful and cost effective, its popularity has died.

    I blame Microsoft for not promoting it and losing their focus on helping people get stuff done.

    If they hadn’t spent the whole of the naughties wanting to be google, and/or Apple they might still have a vibrant MS Office ecosystem. But they did, so now they don’t.

    You’re right, decent learning materials are hard come by, good luck with your quest – you may find some work in the area if you search hard enough, I didn’t find it sustainable though.


  4. Biggus Dickus Says:

    I was there last year as an attendee because I happened to be in A’Dam … I asked to present there this year but they weren’t interested … Guess I’m not important enough anymore :-( …

    Not given up yet (like you have) but it’s getting pretty frustrating watching all these new young self-proclaimed gurus out there. I used to be a youngish self-proclaimed GURU but now I’m just an old fart I guess. . Oh well …

    Hope all is well with you my old friend ? (I mean you have been a friend of mine for a long time not that you’re old) :-)


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