New Project

Its been a while since I posted, plenty has been happening, but very little to do with spreadsheets.

The latest thing is due to certain factors I don’t want to discuss here, we have decided to home school some of our kids this year, or maybe just this semester, maybe.

Anyway its good fun and quite a challenge, but we have the benefit (??) of teaching/learning the stuff I think is important.

So plenty of spreadsheets and IT generally, but also lots of creative stuff and physical stuff. Because I am one of the cool kids we are doing javascript as the programming language. Because they will be back in ‘normal’ school next year we do do have to grind through most of the standard curriculum stuff too.

They are blogging about it, partly so all the rellys can see partly as part of their revision notes.

Their blogs are here and here.

At the moment its pretty much a full time occupation for me so keeping me from my Android developer dream.  But I am hoping to palm them off with loads of brightly coloured worksheets so I can get back on track (or put my feet up and finish reading the internet).



7 Responses to “New Project”

  1. Joe Serdakowski Says:

    Good to hear from you again.

  2. Biggus Dickus Says:

    Glad to hear from you here …

  3. Jon Nyman Says:

    Careful many people that start homeschooling find that it fits so well they stick with it :-) We love homeschooling. Hope it goes well for you and the kids!

    Many people like to call it home education since you don’t really “school” your kids at home, that’s a miserable experience.

  4. Simon Says:

    Hi Joe and Dick, yeah, I don’t want to pollute this place with too much non spreadsheet/IT stuff, so just the occasional ‘hello’ post unless I get new inspiration.
    Hi Jon, yep it does have a lot going for it (we are touring round for a month at the moment – handy!). I certainly like having a bit more say in what and how they study (they are doing the science of baking as I write this). Good to hear you are enjoying it too.

  5. methodsinexcel Says:

    I thought you were doing iphone devlopment?

    Are you going Java or .Net/xamarin? you think theres money in it?

  6. Simon Says:

    Ross, I see some good opportunities with iOS, but I think Android will surpass it soon. Especially with the new Macbook disaster they just destroyed their credibility with.
    I’m doing Java and the kids are doing javascript.
    2016 was the best year yet for app store sales apparently so there is money, whether the indie devs are getting it or just nintendo I’m not so sure. I think you can make pocket money for sure, feed a family? I dunno…

  7. methodsinexcel Says:

    It will be intresting to see how you get on. If you can make any money on andriod, I don’t think it will be in comsumer facing apps? I could see a bussiness in LOB type stuff, but my worry here is that after a few years it will all just get out souced to China or India, mind you people still do well with web devlopment bussinesses right!

    I agree with apple/iphone, unless they have somthing really good in the locker, i think they will start to slide in a few years, they are at this point a one product company + itunes… maybe i’m being too negative.

    Hope you are all well

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