as expected

and the actual message:

1,000 posts, 10 years (and VBA still going strong).

2 Responses to “as expected”

  1. Patrick O'Beirne, spreadsheet auditor Says:

    Still, a thousand is a lot. Over 10 years, that was twice a week or more for quite a while. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Joe Serdakowski Says:

    I use Excel/VBA as a front end to a number of multi-user applications, with all of the data residing in an Access, SQL Server or Azure database. I even have an automatic updating of the Excel XLSM front end file. I post a copy of the latest version of the XLSM file to the back end database, upon startup, the copy on the user’s computer checks to see if it is the newest version, if not, it gets a copy of the newest version and replaces itself. Much faster development and performance than web-based apps. :)

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