Universal apps

That don’t include Office? What sort of universe is that? not any business universe that I have been in.

“Start building Universal Windows Platform apps”

That was the tag line from the MS Visual Studio site.

I finally managed to get their virtual machine working (it’s 40 Gb fully expanded, not 20). It has Visual Studio alright, but no Office. I am amazed that MS do not see Office as a development target, or at least not enough to put a copy on their development trial virtual machine. unbelievable.

I might chuck a 30 day Office 2010 trial on it, I think I have one on a pen drive somewhere. All the other stuff needs an MS account, which is just too much like going back in time.

In other news Android studio 3.0 is just out, with Kotlin as a first class language. All free, and easily accessible.

Anyone else had a play with the MS dev vm I mentioned a few days ago?

2 Responses to “Universal apps”

  1. kalx Says:

    Similar VM’s have been available for years: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/
    I have been using them in the courses I teach in computational finance.
    When Bjarne Stroustrup showed up at Morgan Stanley, I got in touch with my friend who worked there. LSS, he set up a lunch and I asked him about the problems I was having using C++ with my students. He had just spent 7 years teaching at Texas A&M.
    He told me to get 3 TA’s: one who know Linux, one who knew OSX, and one who knew Windows.
    No wonder python is so popular. It is the new VBA.
    My solution was to have students run Virtual Box using a Windows image with everything they needed preloaded. When I told him this required 3GB he was mortified.
    This semester it required 20GB.

  2. Simon Says:

    20 gb is quite a chunk especially if you have a cupertino idiot tax outfit macbook with a 128 or 256 gb SSD. (I do). I have this windoze thing running from an SD card as I don’t have 40gb on the main drive.
    Yep to python too I see more and more jobs looking for Excel and python

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