2018 UK Excel meet up/conference

Would anyone be interested in an Excel related conference in the UK this year?

Probably summer time, probably that London, probably one day (with pissups before and after hopefully). Cost – unclear, probably between 50 and 200 gbp depending on numbers and the type of event. (the room I hired in 2012 has gone up in price 1,000%!, for real – 10x more expensive now!!!)

It could be user focused or developer focused (state your preference)

It could be classic Excel, on stuff that works on every version for the past 15/20 years, or it could be on the new stuff in 2013 and 2016 (again state your preference)

No promises, but if there is enough interest a few of us might try to get something organised.

At this stage we are just trying to gauge interest (do we need a phone box or the Albert Hall?)

So if you might be interested please leave a comment. (no commitment (either way))

Venue suggestions welcome too.

ta muchly


11 Responses to “2018 UK Excel meet up/conference”

  1. andy Says:

    I’d be up for that. Modern excel, 60/40 user/dev

  2. Paul Christie Says:

    I’d be up for that, same split as Andy. Would be happy to talk about tables/power query.

  3. Ste (@SteHancocks) Says:

    I’m definitely interested. Whilst relatively new to serious Excel development I’m keen to learn more.

  4. David Lyford-Smith (@SaviaWanderer) Says:

    Yes, I’d be interested in attending something like this and would be happy to present on something. Agree with modern Excel. Much more interested in Excel than in VBA.

  5. Computergaga (@Computergaga1) Says:

    I would be interested.

  6. Biggus Dickus Says:

    If I can get there I’d be willing to contribute … Regardless there should be more like this…

  7. Simon Says:

    Thanks everyone for your input. I’ll keep you posted with any updates

  8. David Noble (@DavidNoble_Risk) Says:

    I’m interested in attending and possibly sponsoring as well. Let me know dnoble@cimcon.com

  9. Stephen Allen Says:

    I’ll certainly come but am unlikely to be ready with a contribution.

  10. fastexcel Says:

    On Thursday evening I am going to see the new Microsoft London Reactor facility which we can use for events: will report back.

  11. Simon Says:

    Thanks for all your inputs folks.
    I am not going to pursue the conference idea for now, a couple of others are looking at moving it forward so I’ll keep you all posted on any announcements.

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