Eventbrite warning

Someone recently mentioned using Eventbrite or similar for organising the next Excel Conf (I have not heard more, so no idea if anything is in the offing or not).

Their latest agreement that you sign up to (after reading carefully I’m sure) grants them (amongst other stuff) the right to enter your event , and pre and post setup/teardowns, take as much video and photos as they like of anything they like, for them to use whenever, where ever they like for ever!!!

That also means you grant them right to publish photos of any and all attendees any time any where.

Dunno if it applies in the UK/EU

Fuller details here

What an outrageous rights grab

3 Responses to “Eventbrite warning”

  1. Patrick O'Beirne, spreadsheet auditor Says:

    Thanks very much Simon.
    I’ll pass it on.

    No UK Excel Summit I guess. It needs professional organisers and corresponding prices. I’d have liked to goto the MS Data and Powerbi summit in Dublin next week but 1399 is too much. Even the early bird tickets if i had seen them in time.

  2. Patrick O'Beirne, spreadsheet auditor Says:

    “A clause in our updated terms was designed to help create promotional content with our creators, but the language we used was broader than necessary. We have not recorded any footage at events and have now removed the clause entirely. Apologies for any concern this caused.”

  3. Simon Says:

    he he – all that bullshit has now been removed from their terms.
    Expect something even more ridiculous to sneak in once the dust settles…
    oh – just seen your comment Patrick.

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