LinkedIn Zombie account

I shut my LinkedIn account down last year as I didn’t like their new terms of service.

Imagine my surprise then to get an invitation today from another user to connect.

I was also able to update my account preferences, for an account that should not exist, that I can’t log into. But still receives invites?

Has anyone actually managed to get off there? can people still see my profile?

I thought I had deleted my account apparently its just pining for the fjords!!

I can feel a GDPR violation report brewing….




3 Responses to “LinkedIn Zombie account”

  1. Pob Says:

    Well I can’t see your profile, and I had you as a contact until you deleted. No idea how this other user has found you.

  2. juuxjuux Says:

    I deleted my account in 2013 or so, but kept getting emails from them stating all I need to do to restore my ‘dormant’ account was click a button. I eventually made a formal complaint and received an email stating that my account had, this time, finally been deleted along with all my personal imformation. Quelle surprise then when I started getting further emails from then a couple of years ago.

    I’m not so naive to think that I don’t have a Linkedin profile though, I just have a shadow profile, as does *everybody*, even if they’ve never held a LinkedIn account or even visited the site. All it takes is for some numpty to ‘share address book’ with them and that’s you, nailed.

    As you say, GDPR has interesting implications for LinkedIn (and Bookface) shadow accounts.

  3. Simon Says:

    Thanks for checking Pob

    juuxjuux, yeah shadows all around. I’m not a giant EU fan but I do appreciate anyone supporting a bit of respect for people and privacy.
    did you see this video of some fb guy getting destroyed by a most excellent Singaporean MP?

    gets juicy from 6 mins in, gobby twat

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