Excel Developer Conference 18th October 2018 London

Woo Hoo

There is going to be a major, major Excel extensibility conference in that London on 18th October 2018. This is THE big one. All the big guns from the main Excel extensibility tools and frameworks are going to be there speaking.

There will no better time in your lifetime to hear from the horses mouth the how and why of ExcelDNA, PyXLL, XLL + and the new Excel javascript APIs. Also sessions covering Power Query and VSTO and Add-in Express.

This is a community driven event, driven by a desire to get the top minds in the Excel extensibility space together.

The Date? Thursday 18th October 2018

The Location? Microsoft Reactor, 70 Wilson St, London EC2A 2DB

More info here

Bookings here

See you there…

(please reblog… and if you do, and you are coming, let us know we will link to you on the sponsors page for helping to spread the word.)



4 Responses to “Excel Developer Conference 18th October 2018 London”

  1. Davor Geci Says:

    Thanks, Simon for sharing this info.
    Hope that next year my projects:
    – Virtual Forms Framework for Excel & Python
    – VBA Telemetry
    will also be present.

  2. Simon Says:

    Hi Davor, sounds interesting, and relevant, keep us posted with your progress.

  3. bjoernstiel Says:

    Thanks for sharing, Simon.

    I’ve just shared this on our blog to spread the word: https://www.xltrail.com/blog/develop-excel-conference-london

    And, I’m coming, looking forward to meeting you there.

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