Bluetooth mice

Any of you using them?

Any good?

I have just swapped out the one I had at work because it randomly ignored me for 30 seconds every now and then.

Now I have one with the thickest most inflexible cable ever. Its doing my RSI no end of bad.

Initially I really like the bluetooth rodent, but after changing the batteries didnt improve its obedience it had to go. It also sometimes would not release like dragging and dropping but without the drop

I dunno what brand it was, but I am very underwhelmed. I am thinking I may have to go back to a track ball.

Anyone had good experiences with them? maybe I need to upgrade..



ps don’t forget the amazing brilliant and excellent DevelopExcel conf is coming soon to that London. If you have not booked on yet, why the bloody hell not? linky.


2 Responses to “Bluetooth mice”

  1. James Parker Says:


    These are simply brilliant
    … not cheap mind !


  2. Simon Says:

    operator error then? :-)

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