Office 2019 released

Does anyone care?

It sounds like it is pretty much just a freeze of the current Office 365.

Which as we know contains xlSlow, so I assume that’s not getting its performance fixed, ever.

Has anyone got it?

Is it any good?

I only just picked up a cheap 2016, so I can’t see me ‘upgrading’ to 2019 any time soon, if ever.

I’m doing a lot of SQL Server at the moment which is a nice change, and SSIS, which is less nice. But still better than the Access I was doing. I like the Access visual designer (a bit), but the rubbish SQL editor is frustrating. In the end I had all the SQL in notepad++ (colour coded key words, indenting and new lines (MS Access team take note – how hard can it be?). And looking at the visual designer for the joins. Not a bad way of working actually…

And I have been messing with RubberduckVBA, it seems that’s currently the best way to indent other peoples shitty VBA, to make it at least semi-readable. (Smart Indenter seems to be pining for the fjords with a combo of lack of VB6 love at MS and increased ‘security’.). (I am sure I used to have a VBA version of that somewhere).

Anyway, another shout out for the developExcel conf in a few weeks. I have been busy messing with VSTO and Addin Express in preparation. It looks like there are going to be quite a few of us (100 ish I believe).

Rach from the 2013 conf

said she would come if her sock drawer was in order.




3 Responses to “Office 2019 released”

  1. Pob Says:

    If you really want a copy of the old VBA indenter .exe I can provide it, I still have a copy (us old Excel devs are definitely hoarders/pack-rats). Just ping back. If you hoard as much as I do you’ll be able to dig out my email from your mail backups :-)

    And been such a long time since I earned a living in VB/VBA that I think I’d feel out of place at a conference now but I hope you all have fun.

  2. Simon Says:

    Thanks Pob.
    I’m sure I have a few hundred copies of it scattered across my ‘back ups’. And yes still got your email addy (somewhere).
    I’m pretty sure it was on the CD for the original PED or similar.
    Its not urgent as Rubberduck was good, (until it went a bit kippery).

    • Pob Says:

      Marvellous. Well, love and kisses to Patrick, Charles and the gang when you see them all in a couple of weeks’ time. Sounds like you have a decent line up – almost makes me miss ExcelDev work :-)

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