most spreadsheets

I don’t have any media but I do have a working lapper with win 3.11 and Excel 5, and most versions since somewhere. But this guy beats me by a million miles.

Fair play, the world record for most spreadsheet applications, including media and instruction manuals. (around 800 !!)

I never used Visicalc commercially but I did have an exe that ran on Windows at one point.

When I started we were using paper spreadsheets and gradually introducing Lotus 123 on dos. Dunno what version but the upgrade to the one with the : shortcut to all the formatting stuff was eye popping.

What is the oldest working spreadsheet you have access to?

4 Responses to “most spreadsheets”

  1. Patrick O'Beirne, spreadsheet auditor Says:

    Oldest installed is Excel 2003 on a previous laptop.
    I looked in a cupboard and found an original MS Multiplan in its shrinkwrap (“Runs on Amstrad !” sticker) . Maybe some dusty box has an Apple ][ floppy with VisiCalc. Obviously we have too much storage space. Don’t tell Kondo.

  2. Joe Serdakowski Says:

    I started with Visicalc on an Apple 3 computer in 1981. Changed my life. Left my job running a Process Development lab and enrolled at Brown University, leaving there 8 years later with a Ph.D. in Non-Newtonian Computational Fluid Mechanics. While there went through an Apple Lisa and 2 Macs. I have been working for myself, by myself since then.
    After reading your blog I found and booted up my 20+ year old Mac Powerbook 180 with Microsoft FoxPro 2.6 and Excel Version 5.0. System is Version 7.1.1. 14 MBs RAM. Still works!!!!
    Just finished up a few projects and am looking for something new. Any advice or suggestions would be most appreciated. You can see my work at and You can reach me at Thanks for this wonderful blog. Keep up the GREAT work! Stay healthy and motivated. :)

  3. Hazel Edmunds (@CareersInfo) Says:

    The oldest I have, and still use regularly is Excel2000 with operating system of XP.
    I check banking/budget with it and also keep a check on books I own or would like to — before I did this I was guilty of buying duplicate copies!
    I have used Lotus123 and Supercalc but that was before I retired.

  4. dougaj4 Says:

    I still run Lotus 123, including timesheet and invoicing apps that aren’t broken and haven’t been fixed. I’m running 123 9.5, which looks like it was released in 1999.

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