Old VB6 books

What did you do with yours??

I am having a tidy out and I am thinking it might be time to say goodbye to my Excel 5 books and maybe some VB6 stuff. Maybe even that Access 97 one too. Bit early to bin the Access 2000 stuff, but I’m not even sure anything I built with my old VB6 machine would run on Win 10.

(I am keeping all my COM stuff, that’s bound to come in at some point.)

So what do you do with your old IT books? (I have some iOS 5 ones too…)(and Android 2…)



2 Responses to “Old VB6 books”

  1. Debra D Says:

    A while ago, I got rid of a huge stack of Excel, Word and Access books. I saved any CD inserts, then recycled all the paperback books. Haven’t touched the CDs, so I’ll probably toss them too..

  2. Simon Says:

    I just found a couple of VB5 books too!
    And some office 2000 web components books. I guess its just the paper bin for all of it…

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