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New Blog

Tuesday, 9th January, 2007

So after many months of talk here is the blog.

The aim is to post several times a week – we’ll see how that goes.

Topic area is professional spreadsheet development with particular focus on quality issues, and the more advanced development concepts.

I take a broad view of professional spreadsheet development, its not just a few clever formulas, it also needs good requirements analysis skills, good design skills, good programming skills, good database skills etc etc. I also see it as a journey not a destination – there is always more to learn, much more.

I’ll sort out a proper page giving some insight to what I do for a day job, but roughly its advanced development, support and coaching in Excel, Access, VBA, VB6, .net, xlls, Essbase, Analysis Services etc etc. More info at the corporate website :

I hope thisĀ blog will become a forum for sharing ideas about the best way to progress our fledgling profession, as well as discussing deep techincal issues.

Please join in