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Drum roll please…

Friday, 2nd June, 2017

To avoid polluting this place with loads of off topic nonsense and to try and preserve it as a mainly spreadsheet development resource I have created a new blog.

Its mainly about my new life as an Android developer, so if you are interested in that topic or just find my writing A-fookin-mazing, or you are that stalker that nicks my underpants off the washing line, be sure to follow me over there… on.. wait for it.. in a moment of blinding originality… MURF ON MOBILE. :-)

Data types

Wednesday, 2nd April, 2008

Bearing in mind that cells in Excel worksheets are effectively variants is there any point in having an integrated programming language that is typed?

Is the whole ‘Option Explicit’ thing wrong headed for a spreadsheet automation language?

The modern trend seems to be towards dynamic typing, would that be a better option?

I’ve always properly typed all variables (and not with that $# nonsense either). But thats maybe a throwback to other types of dev work I have done.

When working with spreadsheet data in code should we worry about the underlying type?

And if so, should we also worry about it in spreadsheet formulas too?

What do you think?