Some spreadsheet quality resources

I just thought I would call out a few of the resources that people may find useful on the codematic site.

I expect many future posts may be partly based on this stuff, so you could read it and never come back, but then you would miss out on the comments from fellow professionals which are the most valuable bit.

In no particular order

Eusprig 2005 I presented on some of the issues that make spreadsheets specifically a bit of a challenge as development tools
The pdf of the paper is here
The powerpoints are here

Eusprig 2006 I presented on how I review spreadsheets, as part of potential maintenance agreements. This was a fairly practical paper, with several tools discussed
The pdf of the paper is here
The powerpoints are here

Eusprig 2007 I’ll be discussing in a later post

In 2005 I presented at a community developer event at Microsoft, the topic was working with Excel using Visual Studio (2005 RC1 I think it was)
It discussed the main options around VSTO, COM add-ins shimming etc, probably slightly out of date as MS are moving pretty fast in this area. (I’m not rushing to update all the .net stuff, I’ll be leaving it for probably the next 12 months until things mature a little).
The powerpoints are here

In 2005 I spoke at the first US Excel User conference about Spreadsheet design concepts, mainly to do with breaking complex models up into sensible chunks, and keeping related things together, and unrelated stuff apart.
It was a great event by the way, totally recommended.
The powerpoints are here

In 2006 I spoke at the first UK Excel User conference
one session was on spreadsheet design (again) and is pretty similar to the one above, but with some better examples
The powerpoints are here

The second session was on converting xlas to VB6 COM add-ins. This gives some pretty good background, but in fact the process is pretty trivial if the xla is well thought out
The powerpoints are here
The base VB6 Excel COM add-in project is here

The third presentation was from a 3 hour workshop on VBA best practice, it was a fairly hands on session so the slides only skim the surface. There are some supporting screen shots here.
The powerpoints are here

I’m helping to organise the 2007 UK EUC and would be very interested to hear any suggestions for venue, content or presenters. Anyone fancy Edinburgh?

Find out more about the Excel User Conferences here



2 Responses to “Some spreadsheet quality resources”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Hi Simon,

    There’s some good material there – thanks.

    I’ve also used material from EUSPRIG and Panko but one or my favourites when trying to communicate issues with business people is ‘The Importance and Criticality of Spreadsheets in the City of London’.

    Cheers – Marcus

  2. Simon Says:

    Yep Grenvilles paper was an eye opener.
    The following year he looked at medical spreadsheets -even scarier!

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