2008 predictions

Demonstrating my ability to follow the herd (mooooo) here are my 10 (mostly relevant) predictions for the forthcoming year. Feel free to agree/disagree and add your own. (the figures in brackets are my confidence level)

  1. (90%) Office 14 beta (or alpha) released, probably full public beta
  2. (80%) Office 2007 will continue to flounder, MS will not accept the fluent interface is a factor in disappointing uptake.
  3. (70%) Vista and Office SP2s will be hurried out
  4. (60%) Windows XP will get another extension
  5. (70%) Asus Eee will sell tons and lead a deluge of cheap Linux pcs from Asia
  6. (60%) Other mainstream PC makers will follow Dell and start to supply pcs with Linux installed – probably Ubuntu.
  7. (50%) Dell will make it possible to find their Ubuntu machines on their website
  8. (90%) the OOXML and ODF file format ‘excitement’ will continue
  9. (70%) new lease of life for C++ following VS2008 add-on due Q1 2008 (within MS and outside)
  10. (100%) spreadsheets still won’t be sexy

And a couple of comments what I’m up to in 2008.

I’ll be cutting back on Excel and VBA development work (80% ;-)). My focus for 2008 will be almost exclusively xlls and C/C++ (70% ;-) (I said this last year too)).

I have some big non computing projects on which I am really looking forward to (90%).

I still have loads of content for the blog, and I’ll start releasing the source for some of the VBA tools I have developed over the last few years. Some of these were initially destined to be commercial products, but I have had a change of plan.

I expect to drop back to 2 or 3 posts a week (70%).

What are you upto next year?

And what do you think of my predictions?



2 Responses to “2008 predictions”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Hi Simon,

    I’m always hesitant when people provide their probability of an event occurring for, as you know, 74.2% of all statistics are made up.

    Probably one prediction I have to agree with is Harlan’s vision of a future with Excel Service et al. In fact I would like to see this happen.

    You are far too optimistic in your prediction that “Dell will make it possible to find … machines on their website.” I struggled to find their new tablet.

    “(100%) spreadsheets still won’t be sexy.” – Oh, now come on! Surely some lycra – Borat style – would do its image wonders.

    All the best – Marcus

  2. tfsjohan Says:

    Good list.

    – (70%) We will have a lot of Office 2007 work, mostly for Word and PowerPoint.

    – (80%) Companies that upgrades will actually start using new features like themes and building blocks and that will be a big part of templates.

    – (100%) Most companies will still not understand the beauty of the new XML features and will not take advantage of the Word 2007 content controls and data binding features.

    – (100%) Most companies think they’ll have less trouble upgrading to Office 2007 if they still use the old file formats, which is wrong…

    – (200%) Even if Microsoft dont get the ISO approval for their file formats, that won’t change anything. They will still use OpenXML even though ODF seems like a better format. OpenXML still just focus on presentation, not semantics and structure. Headings are just like any another paragraph and lists have not structure at all, they are just paragraphs will a bullet and an indent. Who would have thought that HTML and CSS is so much better to describe information than Word is?

    – (67%) 1/3 of our projects will be VSTO solutions.

    – (70%) Most of our Excel project will have a database behind the scenes.

    – (60%) I will finally learn more about SQL Server 2005 Analyst Services, Integrations Services and Reporting Services.

    – (92%) Excel geeks will still read and comment Excel geek blogs on Christmas Eve. :)

    Have a really nice christmas and a happy new year!

    // Johan

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