VSTO boost

Maarten has got info on some VSTO powertools that MS have kindly made available.

He’s got all the detail, which I won’t be repeating.

What I will mention is that one of the tools is a bunch of classes to allow C# to cope with optional parameters and parameterised properties. These features are vital in dealing with the Excel OM in a low pain way. I was only whining about this very issue a couple of days ago.

I know a few of us have been moaning at MS to sort this out for quite a while, in various levels of forcefulness so its great to see them listening and acting.

Now if they sort out deployment and give VSTO away with Office, VBA might actually get a bit of competition.



One Response to “VSTO boost”

  1. Johan Nordberg Says:

    Wonderful! And not a second to late!

    Simon: Have you looked at ClickOnce deployment that is the prefered way to deploy Office 2007 solutions? Given that the prerequisites are on the client machine it makes deployment really easy and lets you run and install you solution from a share, locally or even a web site. Updates to your solution is automaticly downloaded. It’s like the best from web based solution and client solutions at once.

    For most companies the solutions are distributed by Active Directory or Microsoft SMS and then you want to install the msi for vsto runtime, office pia and your solution separatly anyway so the prerequisites isn’t that big of a problem.

    Also, creating setup packages for Office 2003 isn’t really that difficult if you’ve done it once or twice. Yes, it is more work than just copying a xls-file, but as I see it you get something else too.

    The next step would be to ship the VSTO runtime and Office PIA with Office. I don’t get why thet don’t do that. Or at least make it part of the .net framework. It’s a 8 mb installer, so what’s the problem?

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