another ahh moment

Its just dawned on me what that niggling deja vu feeling has been around Office 2007 (and 2010).

I have built a few Sharepoint sites in my time, and whilst I think there are a lot of powerful features, I have always found the browser based interface to be woefully clumsy. You have to click over here to enable something over there because right click doesn’t work, and drag and drop doesn’t work.

And bingo bongo – thats what going on with the fluent UI (TM). We used to be able to drag buttons to new toolbar. Now we have to open a dialog, get a list, select an item click the arrow to move it into the other list.

The real bizzaro bit is that Sharepoint is now leveraging the richness of the Office client to get around the misery of bland browser UI, at the very moment that Office is giving up its richness so it can be implemented in a browser. Ironic!

Anyway its the first day of the school holidays today so sadly I’ll have to go skateboarding and bmxing with the kids (its a dirty job job but someone has to do it ;-)) so might not get through as many posts as I have been. (its pouring down – in classic british summer holiday weather)



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