Codematic Excel development site down (again)

I’m not quite sure why my hosting company is trying to sabotage my business. But for the third weekend on the trot the Codematic and spreadsheethell sites are down and my email is not working.

I am of course looking for another provider at this very minute



9 Responses to “Codematic Excel development site down (again)”

  1. Jim Cone Says:

    You have my sympathies.
    I would assume the best criteria in choosing an ISP is to count the number of pretty girls in their advertisements. (grin)
    My only website (a while back) failed when, one morining, I discovered my site had disappeared. Inquiries to the ISP returned email in pidgin english with instructions to enter my credit card number at a webpage with no identification.

  2. Michael Says:

    I had the same issues with hosting so I purchased a VPS which has been excellent since. If you are interested in using my server let me know. Only to happy to have a chat. Send me an email and I will response with my mobile number


  3. Simon Says:

    Hi Michael, Thanks for the offer I will get in touch when my email is back to life. VPS is exactly the route I was thinking of.
    Jim, I think thats the key criteria for most choices these days, or thats what advertising execs think anyway.

  4. Bob Phillips Says:

    Nothing about codematic, but look

  5. Simon Says:

    !!! do you think its true??

  6. Bob Phillips Says:

    Probably not, but you have to enjoy it don’t you?

  7. Simon Says:

    The trouble is its is so believable. These non core areas are dropping like flies under the new regime.

  8. Bob Phillips Says:

    You mean like Office?

  9. Gabe saunders Says:

    Dear Simon,
    I am sorry for your Island issues. I want to purchase your altfilesearch code/product and I’m reaching out to you to find out an alternative to purchase. If you could get back to me as soon as you can I would greatly appreciate it.

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