Can anyone guess?

Whilst perusing my favourite job site I came across this which made me smirk:

“The project will involved the development of 3 Android Applications for a huge sporting event that is coming to England in 2012”

Now what on earth could that event be?

I didnt notice a matching iPhone ad, so perhaps we have reached a tipping point? (Or more likely they already have iPhone devs on board I guess)

On a separate but loosely related (keyword: job) issue, I noticed on the Microsoft job site they are looking for a user experience engineer for Excel v next. I thought I might apply as my UX views seem so consistent with their current direction ;-). What do you think? (I guess the job could be to clear up after the ribbon circus) ( can’t be hard… cut and paste the commandbars code from the 2003 branch into the vnext branch, job done.

Will you be going to watch any of the international tiddlywinks events next year in lndn?



2 Responses to “Can anyone guess?”

  1. Mike Staunton Says:

    Of course, I’ll be going

    BTW which events are the androids competing in? (apart from syncronised swimming)

  2. Jim Cone Says:

    re: “the huge sporting event…2012”

    Maybe that event is the divorce?

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