Any of you iphone botherers late for work today??

How many clock changes will they need to get this right?

tee hee

If you had a motorola droid you could enjoy random wake ups everyday. (that’s been my experience anyway)

And fwiw blackberry alarms fail when you change time zones (again in my experience)

btw my Macbook pro had no problems…




One Response to “Any of you iphone botherers late for work today??”

  1. Harlan Grove Says:

    Your Macbook may have had no problem because it almost certainly has an old fashioned environment variable like TZ=’GMT0BST,M3.5.0/1,M10.5.0/2′. Gotta wonder just how many wheels need to be reinvented on smartphones. [I’m assuming no self-respecting smartphone OS designer would ever use anything as hopelessly ancient as the standard C library’s time handling. Why learn from others’ mistakes and experience when it’s so much more fun to make your own mistakes.]

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