Ipads and Sharepoint

I would say that iPads are good for content consumption, not so great for content creation. I’m thinking more of business type stuff rather than cat videos. Feel free to disagree and tell us why in the comments.

Sharepoint is ok for organising content but not so great at creating it. You can create apps for sure, and you can host Excel Services apps etc. But much of the list type functionality is related to organising existing resources like spreadsheets and word docs.

Both of these two are large growth stories.

Years ago at an Office Developer Advisory Council meeting (way back, when MS had a clue) Biggus Dickus made the point that they seemed to be focusing on managing content rather than creating it. And how was all this stuff for Sharepoint lists going to get created in the first place?

I understand the current fashion is collaboration and consumption. But surely at some point people will realise that there needs to be content creation too, or all you are sharing and consuming is old shit. Panda videos from 2004 are just as funny as current ones (as confirmed by you’ve been framed almost every night it seems). But that energy arbitrage opportunity? Bit different in 2013…

Maybe I am just missing all the ads for these content creator jobs, but most of what I see could be classed as re-presenting the same pap in a different way or different client (bloody browsers – I have even seen jobs for Silverlight – I thought that died years ago and both people who had used it had already migrated to Java?).

I realise that up and down the country there are people every day slogging away creating business insight with Excel/Access and even VBA. But I am just not seeing anything like the level of jobs there was say 1-2 years ago, and not enough to sustain the output. Maybe content creation has hit critical mass and the current creator workforce are creating enough to keep everyone consuming and collaborating for the foreseeable? (my, that sentence had a lot of c words in it)

Do you worry that creating (business) content to share in the future seems to be in terminal decline?

And if not, then what tools are they using? (because it sure as shit isn’t MS Office)



2 Responses to “Ipads and Sharepoint”

  1. Biggus Dickus Says:

    :-) ….

  2. Biggus Dickus Says:

    IMHO the issue is “creating (business) content ” that is specific to YOUR business. That means (in addition to the usual HR and other Corporate cheerleading) data on performance and that means NUMBERS that come from YOUR corporate data.

    Maybe Financial Reporting can be somewhat generic and supplied to SharePoint from most major Accounting systems, there is lots and lots of unique corporate data (like inventory, sales, production, forecasting and budgets, etc., etc.) that are frankly most successfully done in a properly designed Excel spreadsheet with links to Corporate data (why I am so interested in the possibilities in PowerPivot).

    And that includes a need for seriously capable automation through either VBA or something better than VBA. I have been told that JavaScript will NEVER have the capabilities of VBA to automate Excel. So why on earth would Microsoft suggest JavaScript as the VBA replacement? That is nothing short of responsible as well as insulting.

    So with Microsoft going out of their way to castrate Excel (the only word I can think of that sums it up in a way that most developers – being male – can grasp :-( ) maybe they think that what business really wants to use as “content” for SharePoint s more videos of cats being cute because that IS available in spades :-) … with no skill necessary.


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