DVD rant (OT)

Anyone else have problems playing DVDs?

One of the kids DVDs wouldn’t play right (stuttering and sticking)(player a), so I tried it in my laptop. It didn’t freeze, but would only play in black and white, and no sound.

Of course I cleaned all their grubby fingerprints off it first.

As it happens we have another DVD player (player b) so I tried that and everything was fine, fair enough – player a is knackered.

Last night we were watching a different DVD in player b (a is on the verge of retirement). It got part way through and froze. hmm.

I tried the dvd in player a out of desperation, and guess what – it worked, fine, no problem.

So what the chuff is going on with dvds and dvd players?

We now have some dvds that will only play on player a, and some that will only play on b, some that will play on both, and some that won’t play on my laptop. And we don’t have some that we threw out because we thought they were knackered.

Call me naive but I thought dvd players played dvds (the clue is in the name!) wtf??

I heard a rumour that its all to do with DRM. That sounds about right, I have never met an industry that hates its customers as much as the entertainment industry.

Anyone else had any problems?



9 Responses to “DVD rant (OT)”

  1. Harlan Grove Says:

    My children are older than yours. Several years ago (now that I think about it, 10 years ago), one of ’em fed my floppy drive slices of salami.

    It’s not unlikely the odd DVD fed into either DVD player had food, fibers/hair, and/or grease on the playing side, and some of that gunk remained in the player when the DVD was removed. Have you tried cleaning the players? A few fibers sticking in unfortunate places could produce enough refraction to screw up playback.

  2. sam Says:

    I have DVD’s that play in Power DVD Player and dont play in Windows Media Player (properly)….. beat that :-)


  3. Marcus Says:

    Some years ago my eldest child decided to put a Vegemite sandwhich (it’s Australian – you wouldn’t understand) in the VCR. Of course we only found out the next time we went to use it.

    As Harlan mentioned, you need to clean the DVD unit not just the medium (DVD’s themselves).

    Cheers –

  4. Simon Says:

    I have cleaned the discs and the player, and as it seems to be only specific disc/player combinations I can’t see it being a muck issue. Unless one copes with snot better, and the other copes with cheese spread better?

    Our video player only works intermittently since someone posted a bunch of coins in to it.

    Marcus vegemite is called marmite over here, I’m sure glad we don’t have that in our video – it stinks!

    Harlan did you see them do it, or just notice a bad smell eventually?

  5. Roger Says:

    Looking forward, I saw a note somewhere that BlueRay DVDs use a much tougher coating than HD-DVDs, for whats its worth. It looks like BlueRay is going to be the winning format based on recent announcements and rumored announcements from the major Hollywood studios although I am not buying anything on rumor. Of course the players are still going to be unable to cope with sandwiches being inserted into them.

  6. Harlan Grove Says:

    Fortunately I found out when I tried to use the drive. Still, I’d jammed the slices further in. Good thing my wife had very long tweezers.

    Then there was the time two of them were playing some CD game and were arguing over which game to play next. The CD drive drawer was open when one pushed the other, and snap went the CD drive drawer.

    Children and hardware – a bad combination.

  7. Simon Says:

    So its just me/us/our crappy dvd players then?

  8. Lord Says:

    I have had a lot of variation in player performance. One would hang on particular dvds at particular points even when clean but not have problems with others. Another was sensitive to debris but would always play correctly when cleaned with alcohol.

  9. Ross Says:

    By the CD, LP, DVD, then download a ripped copy – you have purchased the copyrights, then “transfered” the media for you own use – jobs a good-un right?!

    I have had this same thing, – some DVD players even play the “wrong” region DVD, but wont play the right ones – old units seem to play almost anything! Basically paying for things does not entitle you to the right to watch them.

    I went to the pictures last week, paid 14 quid for 2 tickets and 5 quid for some crappy sweets, then had to watch 45 mins of adverts and trails, before the unenviable “pleasure” of watching Will Smith fight with some zoombies for 2 hours! – you tell that to the kids of today and the wont believe you!

    Co-pilot 6 wont work with windows mobile 6, so i have to upgrade to CP 7 for 140 quid! It cost me 25 quid to post a laptop 30 miles, and 35 quid to get a bed frame delivered 800 meters! This week I’ll spend 80 quid of fuel and spend 15 hours stuck in my motor, because every donkey in the country is immediately attached to the crash barriers as soon a the first drop of rain touched the tarmac of the A43. It wont be so bad if i could afford to drown my sorrows, which is unlikely at 3.60 a pint!

    I’m thinking of moving to Amsterdam, it much cheaper to get screwed senseless there!!!!

    Well at least I can make my pals at SOSS simile with my incessant ramblings. I’m off to sand my cricket bat* and watch the same episode of TopGear on Dave for the 50th time – I love Clarkson – NOT!

    *Not a euphemisms for anything else!

    PS. I feel no better for that at all!

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